1. 3rd Sprint format testing

    It’s less than 6 months left before the first official race of the new 3rd Sprint format. The race is scheduled for 4th October 2018 at the IOF Orienteering World Cup Final in Prague, Czech Republic. The 3rd Sprint format consists of a qualification race followed by 3 elimination rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals and final). This […]
  2. The Minutes of IOF Council meeting 188 are published

    The IOF Council met on April  6 and 7 in Namur, Belgium. The primary topic and most of the time in the meeting was spent discussing the Strategic Directions for the IOF for the next strategic period (2019 - 2022) and focus areas for the period until the General Assembly in 2020.
  3. Event application status

    The latest event application period ended the 31st March and IOF received 17 applications from 15 Federations.
  4. UPDATED. First World Indoor Orienteering Championships will be held in 2018

    UPDATED. Definitely World Indoor Orienteering Championships would be an exciting event. Sadly, not this year… Yesterday we celebrated April Fool’s Day! Nevertheless, You can try Indoor Orienteering this summer in Riga, Latvia! On 5th of August you are welcomed to the National Library of Latvia. A library situated only 5-minutes walking distance from WOC Sprint […]
  5. World Orienteering Day newsletter published

    A new World Orienteering Day newsletter published. In this newsletter You will find a video from our new WOD Ambassador, World Orienteering Champion Daniel Hubmann; a success story of indoor orienteering in Latvia; a story of a project to map more than 100 school areas in Østfold, Norway and more.